Extreme Low Light Level Imaging System
1. EL3imaging High End HD Night Vision System
2. EL3imaging Multi Spectrum Forensic Imaging
3. EL3imaging Full HD Eyepiece Display Module
4. EL3imaging Multi-spectrum,Opto-Electronics Smart Image Correction,
5. EL3imaging BT(stepping motor) auto iris, High performance megapixel lense,60mmF0.95
Thermal System
COFDM T&R System
Unmanned Arial Vehicle


Extreme Low Light Level (EL3) Imaging
High End HD Night Vision System 



    Highest Sensitivity(Minimum Illuminance:  10 -5 lux)
    Automatic Image Enhancing(AIE) image processing
    Optoelectronics Fog Reduction image processing
    4 Filters for Day/Night/Fog/Laser
    Camera interface modules provide RS485 serial data and control for system
    PTZ, filters and system mode saving and recall joystick hand controllers
    COFDM Wireless 1080p/60fps, 8-12Mbps video stream T&R
    Water proof, nitrogen filled housing and health monitoring
    Operating Temperature: -40ˇăC to +70ˇăC





    The recording  has blazing fast speed,  low power consumption and totally silent operation. Now you can eliminate complicated and expensive disk arrays. A single SSD can record either compressed or uncompressed video effortlessly! Removable media like CF and SxS cards simply cannot match that kind of performance and require slow file copying to use. 

For quick on set QC or client  preview, even edit directly from the SSD  with no  digitizing or file copying,  Just plug the SSD into your laptop or desktop via a standard external  eSATA dock and the disk connects to your computerˇŻs desktop!

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